The Screamathon 2010

Below you will find a brief selection from this year’s line-up of terrifying Halloween shows, specially chosen to make this year’s Scream-a-thon the scariest one yet. Be sure to listen live, Halloween Night, on WMCN, 91.7, Macalester Radio in St. Paul. The show starts at 8 PM and runs all night long, until 10 AM Monday morning.

Special thanks to this year’s “Raven” orator, Mr. Garrison Keillor, who has generously taken time out to assist with this year’s show.

Happy Halloween.

Jim Johnson
Your Old Time Radio Host

file name1) Screamathon Introduction by Orson Welles.
file name2) The Raven Read by Garrison Keillor.
file name3) War of the Worlds.
file name4) Suspense: The Hitchhiker starring Orson Welles.
file name5) Lights Out: A Study in Horror.
file name6) CBS Radio Mystery Theatre: The Sting of Death.
file name7) X-Minus 1: The Man in The Moon.